The Pecha Kucha.

The Pecha Kucha is to be experienced standing and from multiple view points. There will be three “screens” in dialogue with each other as well as the intervention of “live” dust in the projectors beam. As with earlier work, the existence of the subject of the work (or the “real”) and the interpretation (or re-presentation) together in the same physical space is of great interest and I hope will be apparent to the viewer.



Sketch of proposed installation in the lecture theatre.

The projector projects through a clear glass sheet 1:10 scale of the main screen. The glass (sitting atop a black tripod) has an etched, opaque white circle in its centre. This etched circle casts a shadow, creating a void in the centre of the main screen. It also receives the projected image from the central section of the screen creating a circular orange ball of turning flames in the middle of the sheet of clear glass. The projected film will also be reflected off of the glass sheet and onto the back wall of the lecture theatre.



Preliminary tests in lecture theatre 1.

Main screen with shadow from etched circle (left) and the copy on the back wall reflected off of the glass sheet (right).



The projected film.

An edit of explosions taken from Hollywood action films. Cut at the apex of the explosion, creating an endless turning explosion that is at once destructive and apocalyptic yet also somehow progressive and alive.




The glass sheet (broken dismantling work).









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